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About me

I am Wiljo Dirkx; father of two wonderful daughter and a bon vivant. I am an Alchemist of Life itself. I understand how life works, why things in life cross our path, how to deal with this, how our ego works and everything there is to know about the soul and its path in life and so much more. Imagine that, together with me, that you had the opportunity to step into the field of unlimited potential. That there were almost no restrictions in what you may want to ask and that in response to that, answer come forth out of totally unexpected perspectives.

This describes best of who I am and what I can do for you. As The Open Mind, you can ask me almost everything. This is the way to get insights and access to your true potential, so you can fully empower yourself again. By providing you with new insights, perspectives and ideas, I am able to guide you back to your own blueprint. That is my personal wish for you.  I hope to get to know you very soon and I am looking forward, together with you,  to look into your personal challenges in life.  

What makes me so unique is that I understand the true essence of life itself. The reasons of why things are happening to your cross your path in life. But also on how you can deal with these situations. Also, which path in life you are going and which roles reveal themselves for you while on this path. How your ego works in all its details and flavors as well as all there is to know about the spiritual worlds and how they actually work. But there is more. I can help you to understand soul relationships, how souls plan their life and how the soul works. I am understanding the Alchemy of Life.