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Wiljo is helping me by looking at what actually is happening as seen from a bigger picture. It brings me further on my path. It is so nice to be able to dig deeper with him that elevates me to a higher level.  

I am grateful that I got to know Wiljo. Somebody who has such a clear connection is rare.

Anouk Steggerda


Wiljo’s unique approach generates for me a clear picture into the kitchen of my own soul.  Together we stroll through all the hooks and crannies. What is of no use to me anymore, he just throws away. Ingredients of which I had forgotten that they existed all of a sudden seem to be the most wonderful new recipes for life.  Because of the conversations we share, I now know much better what my unique base ingredients are and how I can use them in the most optimal way.  I also learned that the slow cooker works so much better than the pressure cooker…

Pepita Venrooy

Wiljo always works with you in a session. His approach and dealing with the “issue” itself is to the point, respectful and filled with a good dose of humor. If you are running into issues in life, regardless what they are, then he is the most suited persion to help you along on your path in life.

Jenny Kuijs

By reading the book Cosmic Woman by Tessa Koop, I met Wiljo.  
The session just gave me that important step forward that I needed to find my own inner compass. And to help me to hope for, to ask, to l isten to give thanks, to create and to get into contact with my own inner guidance.

Karen Korrf de Gidts

Wiljo helps me, in his own unique way, to come to the core of the issues in life that I am bumping into. But also with the just these things that I need some insights on; always working together with me during a session to see which next step forward I can make. I thought it was very exiting at first, but Wiljo comforted me and nothing is odd at all.  I am experiencing the contact with him as very warm, nice and pure. For me it is very valuable and I absolutely recommend it.

Marit Wijma

“I have had the gift of working with Wiljo and review different situations in my life. He always brings new possibilities for healing, using the higher perspective. 
His spiritual gifts and connection bring clear responses to our issues, helping us to heal, understand and move forward in any situation.”
Verónica Bau Valenzuela
Chile – South America

Wiljo takes you by the hand on an energetic and on a soul level. You are then seeing the missing pieces of the puzzle that the lessons in life show you. He is doing that in a sincere way, without any judgment. I recommend him to everyone who wants to find his purpose in life.  I am so grateful.

Aad Lipman

During the sessions, Wiljo always finds just the right note  for me. As a consequence of this, I feel completely understood and supported. I now can see everything from a larger perspective. Next to this, he also is helping me, in his own special way, that I can release old pattens and to create space so my life force is able to flow again. These sessions have such a huge impact on my life. I feel so much better, know where I want to go in life, and feel so much closer to my heart and intuition. As a human being, I am experiencing Wiljo as a warm hearted man (and also funny!) A wise, very down to Earth wizard. I am grateful that he crossed my path in life.  🙏

Sietske Swildens

By working together with Wiljo, I am now able to understand more of the things I sensed, saw and experienced. Conformation can be so very wonderful. : ). We tied the lose ends together till one big total picture appeared. His way of keep on asking, coming from all sorts of different  perspectives, gave me the deeper insights  that I needed at that time. He helped me tot remember my important mission in life and reminded me of the tools I have to focus on my blueprint in life. I am so very grateful for the fact that this clear and nice way of working has become available through Wiljo. 

Jelske de Beer

Working together with Wiljo to me, is despite all verbal exchange of words, funny enough, not something that I can capture in words. The words however, feel like a, although being an interesting, layer on top, more as something that goes way deeper than that. Although it is absolutely lovely to talk and discuss ordinary things in life on why and how I act the way I do so I can get closer to my own inner purity, to me this is not the essence of what Wiljo has to offer. What it is he has to offer, is something I cannot conceive with my rational mind. On a deeper and essential level it is unmistakably something you can feel and of intrinsic value. I am looking forward to the infinite limitless of that is; to explore and experience even further of what is possible in life.  I am grateful that Wiljo is next to me in my process of life!

Anke van der Vorst

Working together with Wiljo does not feel as actually working; it feels as coming home. Feeling safe and secure,, trust, humor, insights and an infinite wisdom are the words that come to me, when I describe what it is I experience during a session. Essential and rich experiences that truly affect me that I really can use and that give me a happy heart. I think everybody deserves Wiljo! 

Reina Kroodsma

From a deep inspirational wave, I decided to to call Wiljo because I felt restless in regard to my current job and that I bumped into recurring patterns in my life. The nicest thing was, that Wiljo instantly had time for me (synchronicity…) and that he in a calm and funny way explained how everything actually “works” in life. I felt instantly at ease. I have received new insights, got a conformation on my own insights and the effect of it all is still very much present. If you need some support in whatever process of life you are going through, then Wiljo is your man!

Angelica van Baar